Go fight the real players!

“Combat Pillows are aggressive pillows with no morals, compassion or scruples that in their insatiable greed for feathers, shoot in the back and kill the defenceless. Nevertheless, they are very popular...”

Combat Pillows mobile

4 players in BT multiplayer
3 environments
5 game modes
5 weapons

Combat Pillows Combat Pillows Combat Pillows
Combat Pillows Combat Pillows Combat Pillows



< or 6 - move right
> or 4 - move left
^ or 2 - move up
or 8 - move down
o or 5 - Fire / mine
1 or 3 - Change weapon (if available)
Left function button - Pause / Menu
Right function button - Statistics
Mode 1 - allows you to stop the pillow and to run and shoot backwards
Mode 2 - controlled pillow constantly runs this mode can be set in Options


The multiplayer game can only be played by a Bluetooth interface; therefore, activate Bluetooth and make your mobile device visible to other devices. If mobile devices communicate with one another for the first time over Bluetooth, they usually require one of the users to define a numerical code and the other user to confirm the code.
Create game - a game can be created for up to 4 players; however, the number of players might be limited by mobile device capabilities to 3 or 2 players only.
Join game - use this option to join an already created game.
A multiplayer game will only work if all of them have legally purchased versions designed exactly for their specific mobile device types!


Deathmatch - the game ends when a pre-defined score (number of hits) is reached
Time Deathmatch - the game is limited by time
Team deathmatch - destroy your enemy team with the help of your ally
Last man standing - the game ends when you have used up the available number of lives


Combat Pillows mobile ready!
The game is completely ported and tested. Let's enjoy Bluetooth multiplayer up to 4 players!

Combat Pillows in action

Supported devices:

* Bold types contain Bluetooth multiplayer


1680   2323   2330   2600   2610   2626   2630   2660   2680   2760   3109   3110   3120   3220   3230   3250   3500   3555   3600   3610   5000   5140   5140i   5200   5220   5300   5130   5310   5320   5500   5700   6020   6021   6030   6060   6070   6080   6085   6086   6101   6102   6102i   6103   6110   6210   6111   6120   6121   6124   6126   6131   6133   6170   6220   6230   6230i   6233   6234   6235   6235i   6260   6265   6265i   6270   6275   6275i   6280   6282   6288   6290   6300   6500   6600   6620   6600   6630   6650   6670   6680   6681   6682   7100   7210   7260   7270   7310   7360   7370   7373   7390   7510   7610   8800   8800ca   8800se   E50   E51   E60   E65   E66   N70   N72   N71   N73   N75   N76   N78   N79   N80   N81   N82   N85   N90   N91   N92   N93   N93i   N95   N96

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